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ISGAP-Oxford Summer Institute 2018 – Day Six Highlights

The first week of the 2018 ISGAP-Oxford Summer Institute concluded with a lecture from Professor Yossi Shain, entitled “The Israelization of Antisemitism: What it means and how we should respond.” Professor Shain is a Full Professor of Comparative Government and Diaspora Politics at Georgetown University, as well as Director of the Tel Aviv University School of Political Science, Government and International Affairs. In the afternoon session Dr. Dina Lisnyansky, Political Studies Department, Bar Ilan University, addressed “Old and New Antisemitism in Islam: Agents of Change in Action.” The week ended with Laura Prusoff, an Activist and Artist based in Turkey. Ms. Prusoff spoke on humanitarian efforts in a talk entitled “Refugee Crisis to Refugee Curriculum.”

Tags: Contemporary Antisemitism, Dina Lisnyansky, ISGAP events, Laura Prusoff, Lecture, Oxford Summer Institute, Oxford Summer Institute 2018, Video, Yossi Shain


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