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Dr. Stanley Urman, “Palestinian Refugees and Jewish Refugees from Arab lands, Same or Different?”

This talk was sponsored by ISGAP, The Institute for the Study of Global antisemitism at McGill University,
Apr 20, 2015, “Jewish Refugees from Arab Countries: A Case Study in Discrimination”

Dr. Stanley Urman dissects the comparisons and differences between Palestinian refugees and Jewish Refugees from Arab lands from 1948 to the present, based on analysis of history and UN definitions and documents.

Dr. Stanley A. Urman is the Executive Vice-President [Executive Director 2002-2008] of Justice for Jews from Arab Countries, an international coalition seeking rights and redress for Jews displaced from Arab countries.

Tags: 1948 Arab-Israeli War, Anti-Israel Bias, anti-Zionism, Arab Countries, Arab-Israeli Conflict, Contemporary Antisemitism, Discrimination, ISGAP, ISGAP events, Israel, Jewish Refugees, Justice for Jews from Arab Countries, Lecture, Palestine, Palestinian Refugees, Stanley Urman, Video


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