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New Approaches to Combatting Antisemitism

This is not your usual discussion of antisemitism. It’s hard to know what to do about it as an American Jew. This is because the prevalence of antisemitism is rising, most of what has been tried before has not worked and is not working, and more of the same failed ideas are being promulgated. It […]

The “Merah Affair”: The “Sea Change” in Islamism’s Terror Footprint to Holy Jihad in France

On December 16, 2020, a panel of French judges found all 14 defendants guilty of involvement in the 2015 attacks on the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo, and the Hyper Cacher kosher supermarket in Paris.  As reported by James McAuley of the Washington Post, the long-awaited verdict followed a three-month trial that captivated the French public even […]

Echoes of History: The Imperative of Holocaust Education in the Wake of Tragedy

In the aftermath of the devastating October 7, 2023 attacks amidst the latest turmoil, agitation surges anew with the decision of the Ministry of Education of Israel to make Holocaust education non-mandatory in the high school curriculum. In contrast to the decision of the British Colombia Government in November 2023 which made Holocaust education mandatory […]

What Hamas Leaders Actually Want – In Their Own Words

The time since October 7, 2023, has been a devastating, life-changing time for me and for most Jews around the world: at minimum, we are processing the events of October 7, the deadliest day of murdering Jews since the Holocaust, when six million Jews were systematically murdered by the Nazis. On October 7, approximately 3,000 […]

Pacifism is not Peaceful, Only Justice Is

Many commentators are now calling for peace in the Middle East. If they are well-intentioned, they are naïve and ignorant. Some of them are not. Note that apart from the still incessant launching of rockets from Gaza aimed at Israeli civilians, the monstrous initial invasion of Israeli territory and subsequent mass murder and destruction by […]

Underreported Antisemitism as a Methodological and Policy Challenge

             The IDF’s Iron Swords Military Operation (Iron Swords Military Operation), a response to the October 7, 2023 attack by Hamas terrorists on Israeli towns and communities, has triggered a significant wave of global antisemitism, including in Western countries. According to monitoring data from Israel’s Ministry of the Diaspora Affairs […]

Searching for the Elusive Palestinian Anwar Sadat

The Middle East needs a Palestinian Anwar Sadat — someone who can convince enough Palestinian Arabs that continuing to wage war against Israel has been and will remain futile. Instead, if peace is to come one day, the Palestinian Sadat must direct his people to accept that a settlement with Israel is the only way […]

Is it right to blame Israel for the plight of Arabs in Gaza? International Law: Self-Defence, Retaliation and the Israel-Hamas War

The notions of ‘self-defence’ and ‘retaliation’ within the realm of international law present intricate ideas, but their principles are well-established. International law unequivocally acknowledges the right to ‘self-defence’ as an inherent entitlement of sovereign states. According to Article 51 of the United Nations Charter, member states have the authority to employ force in ‘self-defence’ when […]

An Attempt to Destroy the Peace Process with Hate

The terrorist attack on the 7th of October was devastating against the people of Israel, an attack planned and executed by Hamas. This attack resulted in the death and kidnapping of numerous people in the state of Israel. This attack has led the Israeli state to start a military action against Hamas who are based […]

Response to Hamas horror shows the feminist movement has lost its moral compass

I have pioneered women’s rights for more than 50 years. Sadly, I must conclude that what was once a diverse and independent-minded movement has become hijacked by a “woke” death cult. Those American feminists left standing, including the icons among us, primarily favor gender over sex identity; are pro-trans rather than pro-biological-womankind; and are more […]