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30 Nov., “Comparative Perspective of Antisemitism in Islamism and White Nationalism”

Prof. Robert Rabil, Director, Graduate Studies, Florida Atlantic University

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14 Dec., “How Antisemitism Limits Innovation in the Arab World”

Dr. Frank Musmar, Academic Researcher, University of Maryland University College

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11 Jan., “Antisemitism in the Arab World: Roots, Reasons and Prospects for a Solution”

Ahdeya Ahmed Al-Sayed, President, Bahrain Journalists Association

25 Jan., “The Middle East and Antisemitism”

Mohamed Al-Hammadi, Editor-In-Chief, Emirati Daily Al-Roeya; Chair, Board of Directors, United Arab Emirates Journalists Association

08 Feb., “Antisemitism: Past and Present”

Amb. Itzhak Levanon, Professor, Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya

22 Feb., The Abraham Accords: The Jewish Presence in Morocco, Past and Future”

Dr. Ibtissame Azzaoui, Member, Moroccan Parliament, Foreign Affairs Committee
Dr. Abderrahim Chhaibi, Centre Regional des Métiers de l’Enseignement et de la Formation (CRMEF)

22 Mar., “Antisemitism in the Middle East”

Dr. Najat Al Saied, Professor, Zayed University in Dubai

12 Apr., “The Holocaust from the Arab People’s Point of View”

Dr. Edy Cohen, Researcher, Bar-Ilan University

26 Apr., “Teachings of the Holocaust and Antisemitism in Arab Countries”

Professor Mohammed Dajani, Palestinian Scholar and Founder, Wasatia Movement.