The ISGAP Advisory Board brings together business people, entrepreneurs, public servants, academic leaders, and cultural figures to advise ISGAP as we chart a course for combatting antisemitism. The Advisory Board provides input on ISGAP's research priorities and advises on policy relevance, while also serving as ambassadors for the organization.

Dennis Bennie

President of Advisory Board

Luca Lindner

Vice President of European Affairs
Luca Lindner
Luca Lindner is the Vice President of European Affairs for ISGAP. It will be his responsibility, in agreement with the Board and directly with Dr. Small, to develop the Institute’s reputation in key countries such as the United Kingdom, France, Italy and Germany. Read More »

David Prussky

Vice President of Strategic Development
David Prussky
Mr. David Prussky is the Vice President for Strategic Development for ISGAP. His role is to assist the team in the development of the business side of ISGAP, including fundraising. David Prussky received his MBA and LLB from York University, Toronto. David is well recognized for his success in building junior growth companies. He is presently Chairman of the Board of Lonestar West Inc., an infrastructure service business with operations across North America. He was also Chairman of Carfinco Financial Group Inc., Canada’s largest public sub-prime lender. Carfinco was sold successfully 2015. He has served on the board of numerous private and public companies.

Kenneth Abramowitz

New York

Rabbi Bruce Alpert

New Haven, CT

Barry Cohen

Montreal, QC, Canada

Dr. Lawrence Amsel

Columbia University
New York

Maxyne Finkelsein

Montreal, QC, Canada

Marco Finkielsztein

Boston, MA

Lloyd Fischler

Montreal, QC, Canada

Ronit Fouzailov

Jerusalem, Israel

Abraham H. Foxman

New York

Melisa Gerber

Boston, MA

Zahava Gordon

Stamford, CT

Jeffrey M. Katz

New York

Gregg M. Mashberg

Proskauer, New York

Alvin Prusoff

Farfield, CT

Jaime Roskies

Montreal, QC, Canada

Robert Satloff

Washington, D.C.

Larry Schiffres

Woodbridge, CT

Ariel Sender

Jerusalem, Israel

Ronald Stackler

Malibu, CA

Jeffrew S. Wiesenfeld

AllianceBernstein L.P.
New York

Jesse Friedlander

Hong Kong