Dennis Bennie currently operates the XDL Capital Group, investing in early-stage technology opportunities. In 1996, he founded the first XDL Venture Fund, focusing on early stage technology opportunities. From 1988 to 1996, Bennie was cofounder, CEO of Delrina Corporation. Listed on both the TSX and NASDAQ, and sold to Symantec Corp.
Dennis qualified as a chartered accountant in 1975. He entered the world of technology in 1979, co-founding Mission Electronics, a high-end audio equipment manufacturer. In 1982 he co-founded Aviva Software, which he merged with Ingram Micro Inc. to become Canada’s largest software distributor.
Bennie has served on several private and public company boards, and regularly serves on charitable boards. In addition to being the President of the Board at ISGAP, he is an honorary board member of CJPAC, YPO member, and the co-founder of the University of Toronto, Creative Destruction Lab.