The Yale Initiative for the Interdisciplinary Study of Antisemitism
Volume 1 No. 20
25 May 2007


May 31, Thursday at 12:00 
A special seminar: Authors Isabella Ginor and Gideon Remez will be speaking about their new book just released by Yale University Press:
“Foxbats Over Dimona: The Soviets’ Nuclear Gamble in the Six-Day War”
It will be held at ISPS, 77 Prospect Street, room A001. Since lunch is being provided, if you are interested in coming, please RSVP by May 28 to [email protected]


Female Suicide Bombers ‘Eagerly await’ IDF Soldiers
(YNet) Islamic Jihad’s military branch released a warning Sunday morning that dozens of women were ready to defend the Palestinian people if the IDF invaded the Gaza Strip. The organization said it was fully prepared to retaliate “if the Zionist enemy committed foolish acts against Palestinians in the Strip.”
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Dozens Slain as Lebanese Army Fights Islamists
(NY Times) The confrontation with the Islamist group, Fatah al-Islam, raised fears of a wider battle to rout militants in the rest of Lebanon’s 12 refugee camps, where radical Islam has been gaining in recent years. That, in turn, raised the possibility of a deadly conclusion to the crisis, placing strains on the embattled government of Prime Minister Fouad Siniora.
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Military Aid Arrives
Military aid began arriving Friday after the United States said it will rush supplies to the Lebanese army fighting al Qaeda-inspired Islamic militants barricaded inside a Palestinian refugee camp in the country’s north.
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New Details Emerge on Fatah Islam Group
(Washington Post) The fugitive leader of the shadowy militant organization Fatah Islam openly embraces Osama bin Laden and has recruited Arab fighters to carry out attacks around the region. The little known about Shaker al-Absi has raised concerns that he is building an al-Qaida-style branch in the Palestinian refugee camp of Nahr el-Bared – a potentially explosive new element in already volatile Lebanon.
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A Short History of the Palestinian Refugees
(The New Republic) Marty Peretz writes on the Palestinian refugee neighborhood abutting Tripoli– Nahr al Bared.
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A Reporter’s Fate
(Wall Street Journal) Dozens of hostages were released in Gaza over the weekend, in the wake of a truce called between the warring factions of Hamas and Fatah. The BBC’s Alan Johnston, now in his 11th week of captivity, was not among them.
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Ahmadinejad: Israel will be uprooted if it attacks Lebanon in coming summer
(Ha’aretz) “If this year you repeat the same mistake of the last year, the ocean of nations of the region will get angry and will cut root of the Zionist regime from its stem,” Iran’s hardline President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad warned Israel.
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Gaza Rocket Attack Kills an Israeli
(Washington Post) Palestinian rocket fire from the Gaza Strip killed a 32-year-old Israeli woman Monday night and seriously wounded another civilian in the city of Sderot, prompting Israeli officials to threaten severe reprisals. It was the first Israeli fatality of the most recent surge in violence.
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Sderot Newcomers Under Attack
(YNet) As the situation in Sderot deteriorated this past week, The Israel Crisis Management Center mobilizes a team to offer help to the community’s immigrant residents, Ethiopians and Russians.
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Hamas Wants War
(National Post) Hamas in Gaza is desperately trying to start a fight. In mid- April, Hamas ended a six-month pause and resumed firing rockets into southern Israel. Israel desperately wants not to invade Gaza. Over the past year, Hamas has fortified the region: building bunkers, digging ditches, planting mines. Israelis can recognize a military trap when they see one.
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Hamas Says BG Plan to Pump Gas to Israel an “Act of Theft”
(Times Online) The militant Hamas movement has launched a stinging attack on BG Group and vowed to block a potential £2 billion deal being brokered by the company to supply Palestinian gas to Israel.
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Indyk: Israeli Troops Likely to Move into Gaza to Stop Attacks
(Council on Foreign Relations) An interview with Martin S. Indyk, former assistant secretary of state for Near Eastern affairs. He expects that Israeli troops will have to enter Gaza to put down the Hamas-directed rocket attacks on Israel and that Israel will likely only do that if it is ensured that some international force will replace the Israelis as was done in southern Lebanon after last summer’s war. Strange as it may sound, he says, that could lead to laying the groundwork for an overall peace in the area
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Storm Watching in Jordan
(Washington Post) Richard Cohen writes, “Jordan, this oil-less concoction of a Middle East state, is as good a place as any to grasp the extent of the American debacle in Iraq.”
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Saudi Envoy: Palestinians Must Stop Fighting Israel, Each Other
(Ha’aretz) Saudi diplomat Turki Al-Faisal Al-Saud urged Palestinians to stop shedding each other’s blood, and also called on them to stop directing their weapons towards Israel.
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Iran’s Secret Plan for Summer Offensive to Force US Out of Iraq
(Guardian) Iran is secretly forging ties with al-Qaida elements and Sunni Arab militias in Iraq in preparation for a summer showdown with coalition forces intended to tip a wavering US Congress into voting for full military withdrawal, US officials say.
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Sneh to ‘Post': Teheran behind Violence
(Jerusalem Post) Deputy Defense Minister Ephraim Sneh said Iran’s fingerprints were all over the recent escalation in Gaza and the Kassam attacks. Teheran ordered the terrorist groups to escalate the conflict in an effort to distract the world’s attention from its nuclear program, he said.
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UN to Monitor Arms Movements across Syria-Lebanon Border
(France 24) The United Nations said Thursday it would send a team to Lebanon early next week to check on reported arms smuggling across the border with neighboring Syria.
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Iran Expanding Nuclear Activities, Report Says
(Guardian) Iran has stepped up its defiance of the UN by expanding its nuclear enrichment activities, the UN’s nuclear watchdog said today. The International Atomic Energy Agency’s findings have set the stage for further sanctions against Iran, which insists its nuclear programme is for peaceful purposes.
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Iranian Defiance of U.N. Detailed
(Washington Post) Iran has again defied U.N. demands to suspend its nuclear enrichment programs, according to a report issued yesterday by the International Atomic Energy Agency, leading Bush administration officials to demand increased pressure on Tehran.
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West Unable to Act against Iran, Ahmedinejad Says
(YNet) Day after end of deadline to halt uranium enrichment and in light of possibility of additional sanctions, Ahmadinejad says ‘sanctions will hurt Western countries more than they will hurt us.’
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Iranian Official: We’re Making Good Progress on Nuclear Program
(Ha’artez) The head of Iran’s nuclear effort said that the Islamic republic’s atomic program was moving ahead as scheduled and reiterated that Tehran would not suspend uranium enrichment, the country’s official news agency IRNA reported.
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Bush Authorizes New Covert Action against Iran
(ABC) The CIA has received secret presidential approval to mount a covert “black” operation to destabilize the Iranian government, said current and former officials in the intelligence community. They said President Bush has signed a “nonlethal presidential finding” that puts into motion a CIA plan that reportedly includes a coordinated campaign of propaganda, disinformation and manipulation of Iran’s currency and international financial transactions.
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‘World Heading towards Iran Confrontation’
(YNet) The international community and Iran are “heading towards confrontation” over Tehran’s nuclear program, Mohamed ElBaradei, Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) warned Thursday morning.
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U.S., Allies to File Complaint over ElBaradei’s Comments on Iran
(Ha’aretz) The United States and some European allies plan to complain to the head of the United Nations nuclear watchdog about his proposal for Iran to retain some nuclear enrichment activities, a U.S. official said on Tuesday.
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Iran Accuses US-Iranian Scholar
(BBC) Haleh Esfandiari, who works for a research institute in Washington, was detained in Tehran earlier this month. Iran’s intelligence ministry has accused a prominent Iranian-American academic of trying to overthrow the country’s Islamic system of government.
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Israel’s U.N. Ambassador Accuses Moderate Muslims of Not Doing Enough to Curtail Islamic Terrorism
(International Herald Tribune) Ambassador Dan Gillerman, Israel’s U.N. ambassador, accused moderate Muslim and Arab leaders of standing by in “eerie silence” while Islamic extremists terrorize people around the world.
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What I Saw at the Islamic Revolution
(Baltimore Sun) Hussain Abdul-Hussain writes, “this story of how Hezbollah came to be is quite different from the account given by most scholars and observers. It was the summer of 1982, and I had no idea that I was about to take part in the birth of a movement that would shake the Middle East and the world.
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Scrutinize Amnesty International
(NY Sun) Gerald Steinberg writes on the “the halo that surrounds [Amnesty International] reports and campaigns is beginning to fray, as the evidence of political bias and inaccuracy mounts”
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‘Amnesty International Biased’
(YNet) Amnesty International has been accused of bias and a disproportionate focus on Israel by NGO Monitor, a Jerusalem-based NGO watchdog. Their study found that “Amnesty International focused disproportionately on condemnations of Israel, far beyond any reasonable distribution of resources in a region marked by fundamental human rights abuses by many repressive regimes and sources of violence.”
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Empty Benches
(New Republic) In his commentary, Dennis Ross writes, “I applaud Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice’s commitment to renewed activism on Arab-Israeli diplomacy…at least in theory, her decision to present a “benchmark” plan to the Israelis and Palestinians could have been a good thing.”
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Mostly Moderate, Not Monolithic
(LA Times) A survey by the Pew Research Center paints a picture of a richly diverse, complex and still largely immigrant Muslim community that for the most part has blended comfortably into American life. Most Muslim Americans are moderate, mainstream and middle class, the study shows. They are largely assimilated, happy with their lives and have adopted such core American values as a belief that hard work will lead to success.
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Hezbollah Builds a Western Base
(NBC) The Iranian-backed Hezbollah militia has taken root in Tri-border, or the Triple Frontier, the borders of Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina in South America, fostering a well-financed force of Islamist radicals boiling with hatred for the United States and ready to die to prove it.
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Israeli, U.K. Academics Meet to Discuss Proposed Academic Boycott
(Ha’artez) Representatives of Britain’s University and College Union (UCU) and Israeli academics came together to discuss the UCU’s proposed resolution of an academic boycott of Israel. However, they only managed to agree on one issue – Their argument should be conducted politely.
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Nobel Laureate Cancels UK Trip over Israel Boycott
(Guardian) Steven Weinberg, a professor at the University of Texas at Austin, had been invited to Imperial College in July to speak in honour of a Pakistani physicist, Abdus Salam, and to deliver a talk at a conference on particle physics. An academic and Nobel laureate, he has cancelled the trip because of what he perceives to be “a widespread anti-Israel and anti-Semitic current in British opinion”.
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Nobel Laureate Stands Up to Boycott
(Jerusalem Post) Boycotting Israel indicates a moral blindness for which it is hard to find any explanation other than anti-Semitism, Nobel laureate Prof. Steven Weinberg wrote in a letter explaining his reason for withdrawing from a July physics conference at London’s Imperial College.
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Race Hate Preacher Faisal Deported
(Guardian) An Islamic cleric who had a “strong” influence on one of the July 7 suicide bombers was deported today after serving a jail sentence for inciting racial hatred.
Abdullah al-Fais.
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