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Fighting Antisemitism on the
Battlefield of Ideas
ISGAP is a global interdisciplinary research center that is
dedicated to the academic study of antisemitism.
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Deconstructing the De-legitimization of Israel: A Sociological Perspective

The new antisemitism is no doubt subtler and more hegemonic than ever before. It is not founded on direct delirious antisemitic attacks, but on intellectual constructions. Its agents are neither violent para-military groups nor monstrous like skin-heads or white supremacists. The target is not Jews per se in the way classic antisemitism has done it. However, it is still a flagrant attack against the only the Jewish state, created specifically to provide protection and national emancipation to the Jewish people. The agents that carry this message include academics, media outlets, artists, much of the New Left, protest movements in the U.S such as Black Lives Matter, and a number of Jews and Israelis in addition to a substantial number of Arabs and Palestinians. The main thrust of the criticism is not solely Israeli policies, but the very legitimacy of Israel as nation of the Jewish people. Israel’s creation is portrayed as an act of theft, murder and oppression.

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Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against Israel, in France 2002 - 2010

The Palestinian cause is emblematic in more ways than one, mobilizing a multiplicity of solidarities, passions and/or actions. Associations take action to support this cause, as well as maintaining multiple links and contacts among themselves. These groups are essentially on the left or extreme left of the political spectrum and mobilize anti-globalization and alternative issues activists. In addition, they provide constant encouragement to activists to heighten awareness in the media and public opinion. A variety of initiatives are used to achieve this, including recent calls to boycott products “made in Israel.” This document presents the elements necessary to understanding this sensitive issue and to analyzing these associations’ ideological goals, together with the Palestinian Authority.

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Seminar Series
Seminar Series

The ISGAP Seminar Series, “Antisemitism in Comparative Perspective,” explores antisemitism in various regional contexts, using an array of approaches within a comprehensive, interdisciplinary framework. In this series, eminent scholars and researchers are invited to present the results of their research in an informal scholarly setting.


ISGAP Research Papers reflect the broad range of academic activities associated with ISGAP, its faculty, and scholars associated with our mandate. ISGAP Books includes several volumes containing a selection of papers published by the Yale Initiative for the Interdisciplinary Study of Antisemitism, including several presented at the “Global Antisemitism: A Crisis of Modernity” conference organized by YIISA/ISGAP at Yale University in August 2010.

Summer Institute
Summer Institute

The ISGAP Summer Institute is a two week intensive, workshop-based program aimed at developing curricula for courses on antisemitism. The institute is held at Hertford College, University of Oxford. Under the guidance of leading international scholars, participants will develop syllabi for courses in the critical interdisciplinary study of antisemitism. After completing the program, participants will teach these courses at their home institutions. 

Latest from ISGAP

Video - Dr. Charles Asher Small, ISGAP, Vanier College, "Genocidal Antisemitism and the Crisis of Modernity: The Contemporary Challenges to Human Rights and Democratic Principles"

Click here to watch the keynote address. Mar. 30, “Genocidal Antisemitism and the Crisis of Modernity: The Contemporary Challenges to Human Rights and Democratic Principles” Dr. Charles Asher Small, Executive Director, ISGAP Keynote Address – Vanier College 25th Annual Symposium on the Holocaust and Genocide, Justice and Accountability Location: Vanier College Auditorium, 821 Avenue Sainte-Croix Montreal, […]

Now Available - The ISGAP Papers: Antisemitism In Comparative Perspective - Volume Two

The ISGAP Papers: Antisemitism In Comparative Perspective – Volume Two, covers topics that have important implications for our understanding of contemporary antisemitism, and our efforts to combat this enduring hatred. Click here to view the contents.

Dr. Charles Asher Small, Executive Director, ISGAP, The 2017 State of Antisemitism Address – “New Trends in the USA and Around the World”

The 2017 State of Antisemitism Address – “New Trends in the USA and Around the World” Mar. 19, The 2017 State of Antisemitism Address – “New Trends in the USA and Around the World” Dr. Charles Asher Small, Executive Director, ISGAP; The Marilyn Svach Memorial Lecture. Location: Temple Sinai, 208 Summit Avenue, Summit NJ 07901 […]

Dr. Glen Feder, Director of ISGAP France and Greece, discusses ongoing problem of antisemitism on i24 news

On February 21, 2017,  two young jews wearing kippas were spotted in their car in Bondy, France, driven off the road, and savagely attacked. Dr. Glen Feder, Director of ISGAP France and Greece, discusses the incident on i24 news. While official statistics now show a decrease in antisemitism in France from 2014-2016, Dr. Feder emphasizes […]

Dr. Charles Asher Small, Executive Director, ISGAP, interviewed on Canadian Radio

Dr. Small was interviewed on Corus Radio with host, Danielle Smith, News Talk 770, located in Alberta, Canada. They discussed the resurgence of antisemitism in North America and Europe. Listen to the interview here

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